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The 7 self-care habits of every successful woman entrepreneur.

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

It is not a secret that we live in a very busy, constantly changing and demanding world and being a female entrepreneur or a professional adds to a daily load of responsibilities, deadlines and schedules.

If we are momprenuers, many times you need to do homework with our children, attend their extra curricular activities, sport events, make sure our families are healthy and thriving!

As A type personalities and women we tend to prioritize everyone and everything, but ourselves, we are striving for success , forgetting and neglecting our own needs, desires and well-being , collapsing exhausted at then end of the day , feeling frustrated, drained and many times resentful!

At some point it starts to feel like a Groundhog Day repeating over and over again.

You start having daily anxiety, exhaustion and fatigue ,moodiness and at some point feeling emotional numbness mixed with periodic burst of anger directed at the loved ones.

In the midst of nurturing our businesses, careers, families, children and even spouses we forget to nurture the most crucial person in our lives-ourselves! And it is a certain recipe for a major burnout.

As a Psychologist and a Business Coach , being an ambitious woman myself and having helped many beautiful ladies that wanted to transform their lives, go to 6-7 figure businesses and careers , I've been through it all and clearly understand how important it is to take care of ourselves, as we are our own sources of inspiration, energy and love! You get to fill out a vessel before it starts overflowing.


So, what are the steps to saying yes to your happiness, fulfillment , balance and harmony in your life and living to the fullest?

If you are looking for lasting changes you need to:

Step 1 .Be aware of the problem and make decision to solve it. It is gonna be a conscious decision and you need to look at your life and prioritize your needs. It means create time for new self-care activities like meditation, breath work and journaling.

Step 2. Exercise.Nothing releases stress, creates more energy and boost hormones of happiness like moving our bodies.It is ideal to go to the gym or park or a beach, but if we don't have much time you can put your favorite song and start moving !Even 15-20 minutes a day will create a difference!

Step 3. Get 7-8 hours of sleep! No matter what! It is your beauty remedy. It is a crucial step to get you through the next day with tons of enthusiasm and energy!

Step 4. Review what you eat! We are what we eat.Make sure you consume plenty of lean protein, veggies and fruits.

Step 5. Find hobbies and activities you enjoy outside work. It is another important step to gain more control over your life and feeling great when you try new things.It will help your brain to wire new circuits and emotional connections!

Step 6. Get leverage! Delegate activities that don't require your involvement to your spouse, kids or do them together as a family.Or, hire a cleaner, order gourmant meals,etc! It's one of the reasons you work so hard so you can enjoy your life with the loved ones!

Step7. Seek professional guidance .Hire a professional - a mentor or therapist to move you through your emotional and mental blocks and resistance , like perfectionism, imposter syndrome, anxiety.

If you are having trouble with creating a consistent self-care routine, feel free to schedule a free life coaching session with me.

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