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Are You Hiding Your Truth?

Today’s message is for people that deep down know they have a special gift, a talent , a special knowledge or a skill that you have learned maybe going through hard times or just discovered by coincidence and it became a passion of yours,your calling. It maybe a life lesson you had to master or even teach. You know its in you, you know it is given to you for a reason .

You came here to share it , to make this world more beautiful, happy and full of love!

And you know there is another life that you really desire.Things you want to do, experience!Impact you want to create ! You can see it, feel it , you can touch it ! It’s that dream that God put in your heart!

But, day after day you are going with your usual routine , making other things and people a priority , thinking at the end of the day “ Or , I still have time , it’s not so urgent ."

Are you playing safe? Don’t wait for fears of failure, people’s judgement , looking ridiculous, etc hold you back .

“ But what if I fail?” What if I don’t have what it takes to ? What if my relatives friends, etc judge me ?

The truth is a lot of people you know are judging you and will continue to do so.But, are they walking your path? Do they know what is best for YOU? Critics have part in your success ! They are molding you ! Making you stronger!

Is this mindset familiar to you ?"When I lose my fear, I'll write my book."

" When time comes, I’ll open up my business."

The trick is to do it NOW , when you fear the most! It will only diminish when you start moving forward with your plan.Even if it’s a small step , it’s a progress towards your goals!

I know its one of the hardest things in our lives to have Faith in ourselves. It’s so much easier to believe in God, in others , in some ideas or even a product.Do you have a strong Faith in yourself? Stop being selfish ! Share your gift!

Even if it’s a little thing and you start sharing what special you got, maybe it’s your smile, or you are an incredible dancer or children love you, start giving, it will multiply !

Step Up! Make a move!

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