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I am Oxana Mattiocco, an Intuitive Business Coach with multiple successful businesses under my belt.

As a licensed psychologist, NLP Master and Tony Robbins Certified Strategic Interventionist, I have a special and natural ability to see through your limiting beliefs, inner resistance, mental and energetic blocks and help you rewire them. 


My goal is to help you experience massive shifts and leaps in all areas of your life, such as expanding your business, gaining more confidence, and having a healthy, beautiful, thriving relationship with yourself and others.


I have a special ability to see, help, activate and awaken your biggest potential, purpose and talents through healing your inner childhood traumas.

I have created a unique method combining psychology, coaching, intuition, and healing abilities.


Many of my clients have found clarity in their lives and businesses, made important empowering decisions, and learned how to manifest their dreams, soul desires, money, and clients.

The program includes energetic centers (chakras) diagnostics, identifying thoughts and emotional patterns that hinder you from feeling authentic, powerful, happy and succeeding or moving to the next level in business, personal life, and relationships.


Heal your body, mind, and spirit with a remote intuitive healing session.

Children experience the world through the lens of their ego and take everything personally because they lack the ability to analyze and explain their actions and emotions as an adult would.

A major developmental phase occurs between the ages of birth and seven. In this process, we develop our sense of self-worth, our ability to be aware of ourselves, and our sense of confidence.

As a child, external events such as your parents' divorce (as an example but can be any traumatic experience) can be internalized and interpreted as your fault. As a result, we begin to believe that we are not enough to be loved.


Almost 95% of our thinking is stored in our subconscious mind, making it difficult to access these irrational beliefs. Similar to a computer program, our mind runs an autopilot program of beliefs and emotions.

At some point, we start wondering why we are triggered so often? Why do I have all these angry outbursts, sad moods, or self-scolding?

A desire to be loved, seen, and appreciated are one of the most fundamental needs of a little girl as much as growing up in a safe environment with a dad being a male role model of provider and defender with a loving nurturing mom.

In addition to growing up in a safe environment with a supporting, loving mother and a dad who is a male role model and defender, the desire to be loved, seen, and appreciated is one of the most fundamental needs of a little girl.

Therefore, we overcompensate as adults for the fear of not being enough by overachieving, perfectionism, pleasing others and self-sabotaging by not owning our talents, missing opportunities, and underestimating our abilities.

Through my healing session: it is my mission to help high-achieving women, entrepreneurs and executives, empaths with intuitive abilities, who want to feel empowered and happy, and believe in themselves.


Healing is possible.

When I set out on my own journey to create a solution that utilizes my intuition and experience as a Psychologist and Mentor to empower entrepreneurs, I designed a session that helps me connect with you as I use psychological techniques to help you find clarity about your next steps.


My remote energy healing sessions are perfect for spiritual women entrepreneurs who suffer from:

  • Low self-esteem

  • A lack of confidence

  • Feeling unworthy of success, money, love, 

  • Feeling inadequote in spit of their achievements

  • Feeling constant guilt, shame, and anxiety

  • Procrastination

  • Perfectionism

  • Emotional numbness

  • Accepting help or compliments

  • Keeping a low profile

  • Fear of being judged

  • Being a people pleaser

  • Having no control over their lives


A guided healing session to help you connect with your inner self and release the emotions that are holding you back from being the best version of yourself.

In this meditative 90-minute healing session, I will connect with your energy as I perform an energetic diagnostic and chakras alignment.


This will lead to:

  • Emotional and childhood wounds healing.

  • Getting to the root of your blockages.

  • Eliminating and rewiring your limiting beliefs.

  • Getting rid of your self-doubt, lack of confidence, anxiety, and poor self-image.

  • Helping you manifest your desires.

  • Taking your mindset to the next level by downloading money and abundance codes.

  • Unleashing your creativity.

  • Teaching you how to feel grounded, focused , joyful and confident.

  • Providing you with clarity in all areas of your life.

  • Creating an achievable plan of action.

What My Clients Say


Chantelle Dawn Desjarlais
Intuitive/Energy Worker/Empath

I just had a powerful 1:1 session with Oxana Mattiocco! Omg this girl channeled some beautiful messages for me and I cried like a baby!
Released so much bc she confirmed so much about what I was feeling and what I knew and gave me the courage and power to move forward in my gifts and sharing what I know with the world!

My heart has never felt so complete after this reading. I just feel like I'm on the right path XOXO!

I'm forever grateful for her and her gifts just pure magic!

She also channeled my guides, which I knew I seen and felt around. She is truly aligned and I'm blown  away by everything she said to me and it honestly takes a lot for someone to do it . I have a complete clarity and determination to proceed.
I feel so peaceful and loved.


Are you ready to unleash your true potential? Are you ready to finally be the person you know is inside of you?

If you're ready to heal and want to:

  • Scale your business 

  • Feel confident

  • Have a loving relationships with yourself and others

  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries

  • Increase your energy 

  • Design the life you desire 

  • Manifest more money and opportunities


...then this energetic healing session is for you.



Before you go...

Enjoy a free guided healing meditation session!

Healing Meditation Session with Oxana

Healing Meditation Session with Oxana

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