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Could it be that what is preventing you from claiming your ideal clients and abundance is your mindset?

💡 Get sales at the speed of light -- even if you don't have a big list or connections.

✨ Sign clients like crazy {as in crazy good}  if you want to grow your business using my proven methods!

There's no easier or faster way to TRIPLE your sales than by unleashing your inner magic!

Sign up to my 3-day training (link below) and say yes to success!

Day 1: The Psychology of Success.

All effective transformations are based on physiology! On day 1 I will go over how to change your emotional state and empower yourself instantly!

You will learn how to be more aware of your energetic blueprint and its connection to your emotions and mindset. Together we will work to remove your blocks and balance the system.

We're going to find your purpose and your driving force by answering these questions:

- What do you really love/passionate about?

- What do you really want?

- What really drives you in life?

We'll then identify your top 2 limiting beliefs or fears, acknowledge them, and rewrite the story that no longer serves you.

We'll sketch your life as of now and your two desires/goals in business and relationships, as well as a self-care plan that will nourish every fiber of your being.

Finally, we'll practice short meditation and breathwork.

Day 2: Mastery of Sales, Service, and Communication

On Day 2 we will cover:

  • The art of building a rapport

  • Mirroring and matching

  • Communication Methods That Work

  • Understanding people's minds by their body language

  • Understanding the world of your client

  • The art of building confidence

  • How to create an irresistible offer

  • The key to developing emotional intelligence through journaling

  • Identifying your niche

  • Meditation and breath work

Day 3: Getting to Know Your Authentic Self. Healing Your Inner Child. Coming Up With An Irresistible Offer.

Overthinking, over-reactivity, perfectionism, poor interpersonal boundaries, people pleasing. Does this sound familiar to you? Most likely, your rebellious little self is reliving traumas of the past when you felt violated, unnoticed or misunderstood.

On Day 3 We Will Cover:

  • Learning how to align your values, what you want, and what you need with who you are.

  • Turning your fears into self-care and self-love.

  • Knowing your beliefs and resolving to keep only those who serve you is the key!

  • Examining the emotional responses and behavior patterns.

  • Identifying the motives behind our actions and motives.

  • Writing a letter to your younger self.

  • Inner child symptoms include rejection fears, abandonment problems, difficulties trusting oneself and others, and always feeling guilty.

  • Defining your soul desires.

  • Short inner child healing meditation

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