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From Fears to Confidence 8-week program:

  • 8 powerful 1:1 life-changing VIP sessions with Oxana, where you learn to transform with my full support ( value $ 5,555)

  • 8 weekly group sessions in a safe, supportive, growth-minded community with other beautiful and successful  women ( value $3,333)

  • 8 guided per-recorded modules with Oxana

  • Messaging Support

  • Understand your human blueprint, values, beliefs, and desires.

  • Heal your childhood trauma

  • Develop more faith and confidence in yourself

  • Make your mindset a powerful engine that helps you access everything you desire.

  • Make self-love a part of your daily routine

  • Identify emotional triggers and learn how to let them go

  • Balance your feminine and masculine energies within yourself

  • Train your ability to ask and receive abundantly 

  • Learn how to comfortably set healthy boundaries with others guilt free

  • Become the best version of yourself without getting into perfectionist tendencies.

  • A 6-hour library of videos that include: guided meditations, energetic upgrades, spiritual activation, visualizations and manifestations techniques. ($ 2,222 value)

  • 3 group Q&As where Oxana will answer all the questions , clear roadblocks that you may have along the way while on this transforming journey with hot seat coaching. ($ 3,333 value)

  • Total value $ 14,443

  • Regular price $ 4,444

  • Today’s price $3,333


Personal & Professional Empowerment


Pay in Full

Save now by paying in full for my 8-week Activate Your Inner Magic Program.


Chantelle Dawn Desjarlais
Intuitive/Energy Worker/Empath

I just had a powerful 1:1 session with Oxana Mattiocco! Omg this girl channeled some beautiful messages for me and I cried like a baby!
Released so much bc she confirmed so much about what I was feeling and what I knew and gave me the courage and power to move forward in my gifts and sharing what I know with the world!

My heart has never felt so complete after this reading. I just feel like I'm on the right path XOXO!

I'm forever grateful for her and her gifts just pure magic!

She also channeled my guides, which I knew I seen and felt around. She is truly aligned and I'm blown  away by everything she said to me and it honestly takes a lot for someone to do it . I have a complete clarity and determination to proceed.
I feel so peaceful and loved.


3 Installments

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